At the Edinburgh Peer Group we are constantly trying to create new ways for our members to showcase their work and practice.  Therefore we have come up with our members page, here you will find details of those artists currently involved with the group.  If you want to find more ways to showcase your work, then contact us about becoming a member at

Picture of theatre-maker, Catherine StewartCatherine Stewart is a theatre-maker, her current interests relate to the creation of short-form, one-to-one and durational work that includes the use of story-telling, puppetry and technology. She is also seeking opportunities to collaborate with artists from other disciplines in order to find new approaches to the creation of her work.

Miquel Rodriguez Telep is a theatre and film-maker with a passionfor the epiPicture of theatre and film-maker Miquelc. Currently he is researching and writing a verbatim piece about North Sea Oil, whilst also exploring how his film work can be presented in installation form with live art elements.

Anneli HolstromAnneli Holmstrom graduated from a postgraduate degree in painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 and now currently lives and works in Edinburgh. Since graduating Holmstrom has attained residencies in Venice, Chicago and Finland and has exhibited in group and solo shows both at home and internationally.

Joanna Brown is a theatre maker and writer working within theJoanna Brownfields of performance and live art. She makes devised performances containing moments of movement, text, dance, gesture and story. A key part of her work at present is based on a question attributed to the pre-Socratic philosopher Meno which reads ‘how do you go about finding the thing the nature of which is unknown to you?’ More information about her work can be found on

Jasmin Bray Triance, Visual Artist. It is a natural tendency of mine to collect disposable,over-looked and throw-away materials.  I am fascinated with playing with an objects form and function in order to reanimate our cultural relationship to waste,memory,history and our relationship to one another. I am particularly interested in the aesthetic of multiple objects;which when used sculpturally can create new and often alien systems that that breath life into our existing ones.

Henry Cruickshank is a freelance animator/illustrator, he predominately works in traditional mediums; mainly hand drawn animation. His work varies from advert, to short films, to animated backdrops for theatre. He also works as an animation tutor Henry, the animator and Bonny, the dogboth at college level and in art workshops; these are often in schools (both primary and secondary) or through arts organisations and centres. He also owns an amazing dog and feels rather silly talking about himself in the third person.

Sara Sinclair is a visual artist whose practice is multidisciplinary and often collaborative. She presents her work as live performance, assemblage, drawing, painting and programmed events. Her projects include the Sara Sinclairmultimedia art event the Back Garden Biennale and the creation of the events space, the Suburban Pavilion in the guise of a large shed in the bottom of her garden.

Eliza Kesuma is a textile designer specializing in print design. She runs her own business in designing and making contemporary handmade wallpaper, textiles, and homewares, taking inspiration mainly from everyday discarded objects. Her brand name is called Moody Monday, and is based in Edinburgh.

Rachel McCrum is a writer, performer and organiser of things. She co-runs regular performance nights with spoken word collective Inky Fingers and has performed in Edinburgh at Blind Poetics, Soapbox, Faceplant and the inaugural BBC Poetry Slam at the Edinburgh Festival 2011. She is an active member of The Forest Cafe (formerly of Bristo Place, currently homeless and future-ly to be opening again in 2012). Her poem ‘The Glassblower Dances’ (recorded with music by Hannah O’Reilly of Augustralia) can be heard here

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