The Future

Since The Peer Group came into being in 2010 it has taken on several forms but always with collaboration, artist development and support at its heart.  In September 2011 Joanna Brown and Catherine Stewart met for the first time – having both had experience with the Peer Group but never actually meeting previously.  At that point they both agreed that their previous experiences with the group highlighted a true need for the work it had been doing in Edinburgh and further afield.

After exploring the interest that still existed around the group, and the current needs of artists living and working in Edinburgh Joanna and Catherine chose to run bi-weekly creative sessions in order to offer regular opportunities, and to create an event by the end of 2011 in order to allow artists to make and explore work and to re-introduce the organisation to the public.  Gift will be presented on Thursday 15th December in Out of the Blue and is a real opportunity for people to share and discuss the work that both individual artists and the organisation is producing. Creative Sessions have ended for 2011 but details of these sessions and sessions for 2012 can be found on this site.

The plans for the future vary from producing further events, continuing the bi-weekly creative sessions and creating a venue in order to house the work of the organisation, and act as a base from which the organisation can reach further afield.  Funding and support is crucial to this organisation’s development and therefore we are currently seeking all possible avenues of income but we are also working hard to ensure that our work is sustainable and can support itself in a number of ways.

If you are interested in working with the Peer Group, or would like to discuss our plans further please do get in touch.

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